Make It Simple. Pick a Theme!

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In this blog I share with you one smart way to simplify your Facebook content strategy; pick a theme!

Think you have to be complicated and clever when it comes to posting great content on Facebook? Think again. Make it simple and pick a theme!

Picking a winning posting theme involves unpeeling the onion layers around what your audience really cares about.

Then, thinking laterally about how your rural business can harness that knowledge to connect with your target audience at an emotional level. Once you connect at an emotional level, BINGO, engagement kicks off! Sounds simple hey?

Ask yourself these 5 questions when picking a theme for your Facebook Page Click To Tweet
1) Does my theme align to my business goals and brand values?

2) What’s the emotional value of my theme?

3) Will this theme stand the test of time? In other words, make sure the theme you choose is sustainable and not event or time restrained.

4) Is my theme ‘keeping it real’ with my audience?

And finally,

5) Will I be tempted to backflip on my theme?

Please don’t back flip on your theme! The thing about choosing a theme is it sets your posting expectations with your audience. They will get to recognise the theme and start to enjoy it and anticipate your posts. When you shift your theme, you shift your audience! Peel back the onion layers on your audience thoroughly to assure you’ve selected the right theme.

Golden Crumpets Facebook Page is a brilliant example of how using a theme can win loyal fans. Click To Tweet

Let me show you how they’re doing it.
Theme Pick a theme Pick a theme Pick a theme
Can you pick the theme from this post? That’s right. Family. Specifically, kids. ‘Grandma’ and ‘Breakfast’ also come into the communications mix.

What’s happening here? Put simply, Golden Crumpets know their audience inside out. Golden Crumpets know that mums are the household grocery buyers. It’s the mums that spend the money when it comes to feeding the family.  What are mums’ likely to care about most? Their kids!

Golden Crumpets connect at an emotional level through demonstrating shared values. They also show mums (their target market) that they know what having kids is all about (keeping it real).

Golden Crumpets have picked a wining theme by 1) keeping it real 2) knowing their audience 3) connecting at an emotional level.

Pick a theme

A theme might not work for us all. But it’s a great way to keep things Big on Creative and Small on bother on Facebook! And for some of our most successful Australian brands, picking a theme has been the key to their success.

Over to you! How do you feel about using a simple theme to connect with your audience?  Take a minute to leave a comment, it’ll make my day!’

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